Young Man Pt. 03

I felt my phone buzz in pocket while I was at the high top table for my company's happy hour. Well company's was a stretch, basically the four of us went out drinking a couple times a week to lament work stories and blow off some steam.

Grabbing my phone and looking at the notification saying Jake had sent me a Snapchat, I felt my cheeks burn a deep red unintentionally and I couldn't help but have a small smile creep across my face.

"Whoa someone crush just texted them!" I heard Alex call out my way.

"No just, just a funny meme!" I said back unconvincingly.

"Whatever, don't tell us the hot details, we're all not a group of sex starved maniacs!" He joked.

"Speak for yourself you creep!" Jessica teased him back. "Let him chat up whoever he's talking to without you ruining things!"

"Yeah! Now if you don't mind..." I said trailing off with a smile as I opened my phone and they went back to the office talk.

I opened up the chat he had sent me, "How's my favorite piece of ass doing? ;)" God he sure was a gentleman! I thought as I typed out a response.

"A little drunk, a little horny, and a lot of missing you!" I sent back. Fuck I was so cringe talking to this 19 year old. He probably wanted to call me a boomer or some shit.

But actually he just sent back, "So why aren't you between my legs right now? :)"

I smiled to myself and hit him back, "Because...I'm not back at my place right now, but I can meet you there in an hour?"

"Nah, I gotta keep studying, meet me at the campus library." He told me.

Fuck what the hell? He knows I'm not a student, that I'm almost a decade older than him, I can't just waltz into a fucking campus library, how embarrassing is that?

"Come on, just meet me at my place, I'm like a 5 minute walk lol" I sent him trying to be cool, take control of the situation and failing. My cock hardening in my pants told me that.

"Nah bro, meet me here in that hour you were talking about. Top floor, back corner, don't worry no ones around this late at night ;)" he sent me.

God damn it, I already knew I was going to go, I was really hoping he'd take the bait and come to my place. Oh well.

"Ok :) give me an hour" I sent him and went back to my second beer. Ordering a third and then a fourth throughout the next 45 minutes to build up my liquid courage.

We all said goodbye and I kinda stumbled to my car which prompted Mike to ask if I needed a ride him. I told him I'd just walk since I'm right around the corner anyway. Benefit of being in a small college town.

I waited til everyone had cleared out, slowly walking down the sidewalk, then when Jessica's car disappeared around the corner, I made my way across the street and towards the campus.

Luckily it was almost 9 o'clock and there was no one out walking to class or anything. I passed just a few groups and people chilling around the grounds before I got to the library.

The two college kids working the front desk gave me a little odd look when I walked in so I walked over and asked where I could find their molecular biology section, hoping that they would just think I was a grad student or something. They pointed me to the second floor.

So I took off and headed into the elevator and smashed the button for the third floor instead.

I walked out into the third floor and saw a group of 5 people in a breakout room, probably working on a presentation and a few people scattered at desks. So not exactly empty as he had implied!

I walked towards the back corner, and luckily saw him sitting reading and taking notes, far away from everyone, no one could see us for sure as they were all towards the front.

"Hey!" I said in a loud whisper walking up behind him.

"Hey yourself!" He said turning and smiling at me. "Glad you made it, I've been a little pent up from the stress of this test tomorrow."

"Yeah? And you think I'm the one to take care of that for you?" I asked as I sat down at the chair next to him.

The desk he was out was a big partner desk, wide with lots of room for his legs and a covered back.

"Well I know you're the best at it..." he said teasing me as he leaned his forearms on the desk and leaned towards me.

I mimicked him and our faces were inches apart. "Best at what?" I asked coyly.

He smiled and then moved his face closer to me with every word, "Making my big dick explode in that pretty mouth..." and then his lips were on mine.

I moaned into his mouth as he kissed me. I reached out and felt up his arms, his exposed forearms and his rock hard biceps and triceps as he pushed his tongue into my mouth.

"God I was so nervous coming over here but it's so fucking hot!" I whispered to him before planting our lips together again.

"I was afraid you wouldn't come...and make me cum!" He said making us giggle like naughty kids. Which maybe we were.

He broke the kiss and then grabbed his stuff and moved to another desk facing the quad, that way he could face the front of the floor and see if anyone was coming.

I followed him and knelt by his chair and we kept kissing for a minute.

"You better get under the desk or someone might see you if they come around the corner!" He breathed into my mouth and I shifted around until I was under the desk and between his legs.

"This better?" I asked smiling up at him as I had my butt on my ankles and started to press my face into his bulge. Feeling his big cock stretch the limits of his sweatpants.

"Fuck yeah baby." He breathed down to me. His hands started to run through my hair and shoulders.

I kept my face pressed against him, pressing my lips against his clear shaft in his bulge and crept down to his cock head poking out prominently. My lips clamping around his dick through his sweatpants.

"Oh fuck yeah, You're gonna make me cum so fucking hard."

I moaned up in appreciation to him, "I wanna swallow all the cum from your big fucking cock!"

Our voices were breathless and whispering. I only hoped they didn't carry all the way across the floor to the people studying out front! Or hopefully they had headphones in because he had never been quiet when I made him cum!

I reached up as my lips gummed around his cockhead and shaft and lightly tugged his sweatpants down until the base of his shaft was exposed. I lifted my head and breathed in his musk deeply as I let my lips press down on his bare skin of the base of his cock.

"Fuck you are incredible." He moaned and I knew he would last long once I started in on him so I better tease him for sure. And honestly nothing was more fun that teasing and playing with his big cock!

I tugged his pants down a little more and the back half of his shaft was exposed and I used my lips to lick and suck on the sides and top of his shaft while I held his full cock hidden from view.

Finally I tugged his pants down and out so his big dick could spring free and fuck he was incredible. It was bouncing just inches from my face and I just took it in. Full balls, almost hairless, a strong, black bush on his pubes, but his cock and balls were clean shaven. He was so thick I questioned whether I had actually taken him fully before. And I loved his big cockhead with a huge vein running the length of the underside of his cock. From his base up to his tip.

I made eye contact with him and stuck my tongue out and traced it up the length of him along that sexy vein from his base to his tip and then fluttered my tongue along the underside of his head.

He groaned above me and I took that to wrap my lips and suck, like giving a hickey, from all angles along the side of his cock. Right side towards the base, then left towards the top, right towards the top, then left in the middle.

"You fucking love my big cock don't you?" He whispered down to me.

"Hmm hm!" I moaned around his shaft.

"You love being my sexy little cocksucker?"

"Hmm hm!"

"Love making my big dick feel good?"

"Hmm hm!"

He was getting me so turned on with his dirty talk as I sucked his young tops cock in the fucking campus library! My cock was so hard it was aching in my pants.

I couldn't really take it, the teasing of his cock was driving me wild too! His cock was so hard and ready to burst I could feel it twitching with every touch. He was so sensitive, I could tell he hadn't cum in a couple days. Though being so young and virile he had probably jerked off that morning!

I let my lips pop off of the side of his shaft then then I ran my tongue along the vein on the underside of his cock again from his base to the tip. This time though I fluttered my tongue along his underside, then circled my fluttering tongue around his head and then dropped my head and wrapped my lips tightly around his cockhead.

"Oh fuck! You got me all ready to burst already!" He moaned down to me maybe louder than he should have! I felt my cheeks burn red again as I hoped no one heard him!

I held his cock firmly between my lips and thought I honestly should finish him off soon so we didn't get caught! Holding his cock firmly in my stretched out lips, I slowly drew up and down, my tongue gliding along the underside of his cockhead.

Then I kept the pace up and then quickened a little bit. Then a little more. Then I had my right hand on the base of his cock, my left hand wrapped up his balls. Then a little faster. I started to press my tongue more firmly against the gland of the bottom of his cock head and I was matching my hand strokes with my head movements.

My hand and lips felt him start to swell up and above me I could hear him start to breathe quicker and deeper. His hands were frantically gripping my hair now as I sucked him harder into my wet mouth.

Above me he whispered urgently, "I'm gonna..."

"Hmm hm!" I moaned back before he could finish that statement.

Then in the next second I felt his cock almost lunge between my hand and lips, his balls swell and tighten as he flood my tongue and throat with his potent cum.

He gripped my hair and held me on his cock head but he could not have pulled me away if he wanted to! I kept my hand stroking and my lips clamped right around his cockhead as he spurted shot after shot onto my tongue and throat. I started swallowing immediately and luckily only a little dripped out of my lips onto the underside of his cock.

I kept sucking him but stopped stroking after he finally stopped blowing his strong load into my throat. He was breathing hard above me and I casually squeezed his cock with my hand and drew out every drop of his cum into my mouth until finally I could tell he was spent and I lifted my lips off of his cock and then dipped down and licked up the little bit I missed that dropped onto his shaft.

I looked up at him and smiled at his face red from that big orgasm, his barrel chest heaving as he recovered. I licked my lips and bit my lower lip and then pulled his pants up over his pulsing cock and then walked out on my knees to the side of his chair again.

He smiled at me and I leaned over and kissed him deeply with just my lips and then stared into his eyes and bit my lip again. "Happy studying." I said casually as I stood up and walked away.

I could feel his eyes watching my ass walk and I couldn't help but smile to myself at how hot he must be for me!

"See you soon!" He said as I walked away.

"I know you will!" I said turning my head, biting my lip, and then disappearing around the corner. Past the students studying, luckily not paying me any attention and past the front desk workers who were very aware I wasn't checking out any books.

I left the campus toward my place with a big smile on my face and a plan to drink a few more beers and get myself off immediately once I was home.;u=188245


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